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Junk Mails...Sometimes can be Very Innovative 面白スパムメイル

There a zillions of junk mails flying around the world. Jan. 17 2012, Kyoto police arrested 7 Japanse, who had earned about 6 million (in 1.5 years) by sending junk mails, 500 million mails in one shot!

In the past, Spamit it is one of the most well known spam crimes. It is said to have been sending about 50 billion junk mails a day.

For many junk mails, just looking the titles always make one want to laugh. Sometimes, the ideas of the way the mails are formed can be said quite innovative. Innovative in the sense that they are designed to attrace the interestes of some people, especially those with poor knowledge of internet crimes. One common trick is to put the most attractive terms as sender's name.

Like all kinds of virus, a small group of people are making trillions of people suffering, daily. It is so easy for those malicious guys spilling out tons of spam emails, but is is always so troublesome for many more others to deal with the result. The references below give us good summaries about how to stop, prevent and report spam emails, all are none easy in any sense.

But, besides the hassle of taking care of spam mails, one must be also aware of one most malicious type: hoax mail. Hoax-Slayer gives a very comprehensive list of internet scams. Most of them are well disguised so that the first timer tends to believe that one's luck has finally come. But all of the are designed for only one thing: cheating people for money.

Ironically, from the same internet resources, one can easily find services that enables anybody to general hoax mail (aka spoof mail). is one of them. It provide tools "to anonymously send spoof email and SMS, allowing you to define exactly what shows as the sender of your message." Sounds fishy and bad enough already.

(updated on Mar. 19, 2012) Recently, having got many ones from "YouTube Service". One title example is "YouTube Service sent you a message: Your video has been approved". This is a link in the mail, e.g "", but in fact it is linked to a totally different site.

Below are the titles of some spam mails. The left side is sender.
"KISS" -- My Husband Just Left
A new Checking Account -- Second chance checking accounts
!!!Warning!!! -- Someone ran a background check on you!
XX+ Dating -- Meet singles over XX
Enlarge with Free trials -- She will not be able to resist
Enlargement Pills Free Trials -- Why waste any more time
office -- USFR Grant Approved
RIAA -- Copyright violation litigation procedure
Orchard Bank Credit Card Web Deals -- An Orchard Bank MasterCard offer for you
Jon C -- Pay your house off in 5-7 years
Urgent Security Scan For Your PC
Problems with the IRS?
Strong, Powerful, Erections!... Try Vydox Rsik FREE!
Gain Up to 3 Inches Naturally
Apply & Get $2,500. Payback in 3 years
Re:Preapproval for up to $10,000USD. Pay it off in 2018!
You have received a 25 Kohl's Winter Savings notifications!
iPad Auctions $12 - What a deal! 
Similarly, there are virus hoaxes, false reports (in the form of emails) about non-existent viruses, often claiming to do impossible things (SOPHOS). Unfortunately, many geniuses have their wisdom used in the wrong places, and many innocent people become victim of them.

Recently, there are more varieties. One example starts with:
Let me divulge to you a procedure I use myself to make in excess of $7600 each and every month, spending very few hours every week at home on my laptop.
If it is really so, why just don't do it himself/herself, and eliminate any possible competitors?

Just be careful about any mails, whose sender is not familiar to us!
How to prevent spam
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Latest Email Hoaxes - Current Internet Scams - Hoax-Slayer (back of main page)
The latest email and virus hoax information - SOPHOS

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