Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Collection of Digital Image Specialized Sites

pixiq is a site with news and technical reviews about digital images. Comparison resports between cameras of similar specification and by different manufactures are a good source for purchase reference.
dpreview.com has everything about digital cameras: digital photography review, news, reviews, forums and FAQ. Especially the reviews on almost all the famous models are fun and comprehensive to read. There are comprehensive comparisons between major camera models, with different parameters, such as ISO values, aperture and shutter speed. One will no doubt feel more comfortable in purchase of a camera after reading all related information.
Bob Atkins is a nice site with reviews, photo gallery of Canon products. Especially reviews on lens are very comprehensive and worth reading.
kurtmunger has plenty Sony alpha and NEX lens reviews
GANREF is a Japanese site with my interesting services. Review of lens (sharpness) are plotted with DxO Analyzer's「Blur」 format.
PhotoXP (the index page) has photos organized by Camera and lens. Although a site 100% Japanese and some of the photos without much "professional" composition, almost all of the photos have EXIF info., very good references for different parameters and their effects.
darwin wigget is a blog with amazingly beautiful pictures. One of it's post is a very interesting lens comparison with in-the-field test shots, between Sigma 120-400mm 4.5-5.6L APO HSM and Canon's 100-400 f4.5-5.6L, 70-200F4L and 300mm F4L.
popphoto.com also gives many reviews on lens, camera and accessories. Although the reviews are not very technical, they are compact and easy to understand. Its galleries is also a good place to look for beautiful pictures. Its blogs such as "state of the art" is a good place to look for creative photography.
digitalslrphoto.com specializes in SLR cameras and has many great reviews on DSLR/accessory reviews. No need to say, it also has a good collection of great photography works, nicely organized by categories. Its "Creative Eye" has many innovative photographies with lipstick, scissors, champagne, matchsticks, milk and balloons. The "Photo Challenge" offers a prize of over £10,000 for original digital SLR photography. It also has a free download for a free book "Making Money from Photography"
shashinlink has links to many photography specialized sites. It is well categorized and mostly are personal creations.
yuubi is another similar one. But this can submit one's own site information and ask to be registered to it.
photolink is another similar, but more focused on those by professionals. All of the 3 link sites are in Japanese.
The site of International Center of Photography has the information of current and past exhibitions, although not limited to digital ones at all. Even though only limited items displayed are present, it is still a rich gallery and text book (both history and technical) of master pieces of photography.

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